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Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement


International Journal of Medical and Pharmaceutical Research (IJMPR) publication ethics and malpractice statement has been written in accordance with COPE general guidelines


Authors must follow the submission guidelines of the journal.


Editorial responsibilities

Publication Decisions: The editor is responsible for deciding on accepting, rejecting or requesting modifications to the manuscript. In some instances, the editors may require multiple rounds of reviews and modifications. The editors communicate review result in a timely fashion. The editor reserves the right to edit, clarify or shorten the manuscript as deemed necessary.

Fair Review: The editor must ensure that each manuscript submitted to IJMPR is reviewed for its intellectual content without regard to the author’s race, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, ethnic origin, citizenship or political philosophy. The selections will be primarily based on the paper’s importance, originality, clarity, and relevance to the journal’s scope.

Confidentiality: The editor and editorial staff must ensure that information regarding manuscripts submitted by the authors is kept confidential. Disclosure and

Conflicts of Interest: The editor and members of the editorial board of this journal shall not use unpublished materials disclosed in a submitted manuscript for his/her own research without the author’s explicit written consent.


Author’s responsibilities

Originality, Plagiarism and Acknowledgement: Authors need to make sure that the work they are submitting as theirs is totally original. Authors need to certify that the manuscript has now not formerly been posted elsewhere. Authors will as it should be cite or quote the work and/or phrases of others. Authors signal an assertion pointing out that the manuscript and the illustrations inside are original, or that he/she has taken all the imperative steps to keep away from breach of copyright.


Multiple Submissions: Authors should certify that the manuscript is now not presently being viewed for booklet elsewhere. Submitting the identical paper to extra than one journal constitutes unethical publishing behavior.


Authorship of the Paper: All authors mentioned in the paper must have significantly contributed to the research. The author submitting the manuscript to the journal ensures that all contributing co- authors and no uninvolved person(s) are included in the author list.


Conflict of Interest: Authors must notify the editors of any conflicts of interest that may be construed to influence the manuscript.


Fundamental Errors: Authors are obliged to furnish retractions or corrections of errors at any factor in time if the author(s) discovers a widespread error or inaccuracy in submitted manuscript.


Peer review and responsibility for the reviewers

Both the Referee and the Author remain anonymous throughout the “double blind” review process. Referees are selected according to their expertise in their particular fieldworks. Submitted papers are reviewed by at least two independent Referees and by our editorial staff.


Referees are requested to consider whether or not the manuscript has already been posted in some other journal, is methodologically sound, carries outcomes which are genuinely introduced and help the conclusions, includes an fabulous bibliography and makes a enormous contribution to the Medical sciences. Referees choose every paper based totally on the following scale: Accepted with no revision; Accepted with partial revision; Accepted with essential revision; Flat rejection. A choice is despatched to the corresponding Author, alongside with suggestions made by using the Referees. The Editors are accountable for the ultimate choice to accept/reject the manuscript.


Authors are entitled to expect that Referees or other individuals privy to the work an Author submits to a journal will not steal their research ideas or plagiarize their work. Further, Referees hold responsibility to be objective in their judgments; have no conflict of interest with respect to the research, with respect to the authors and/or with respect to the research funders; point out relevant published work which is not yet cited by the author(s); and treat the reviewed articles confidentially.


Publisher’s Responsibilities

  • The publisher ensures the integrity of the academic record.
  • The publisher constantly strives to further develop models of good practice in close cooperation with the editorial board, reviewers, and authors.
  • The Publisher has the responsibility to take all the precautions to avoid scientific exploitation, abuse, and plagiarism.



IJMPR follow the COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers-

All research articles and other article types are subjected to thorough peer-review, usually by at least 2 external peer reviewers. After initial assessment by the journal Editor for suitability in the journal, the Editor will invite appropriate independent reviewers with sufficient and specific area of expertise. The Editors decision is made based on these reviewer reports, which are made available to the authors upon decision. Where the Editor of the journal is an author in the submission, adequate steps are taken to ensure blinding the Editor from the submission during peer-review. Further information about journals specific model of peer-review is found on the journals information pages.


Publishing Ethics issues

Members of the Editorial Board make sure the monitoring and safeguarding of the publishing ethics. This consists of the strict coverage on plagiarism and fraudulent data, the robust dedication to post corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies when needed, and the strict preclusion of enterprise wants from compromising mental and moral standards. Whenever it is identified that a posted paper consists of an enormous inaccuracy, deceptive assertion or distorted report, it will be corrected promptly. If, after a terrific investigation, an object proves to be fraudulent, it will be retracted. The retraction will be virtually identifiable to readers and indexing systems.

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