The Efficacy of Risk Factors for Predicting Wound Dehiscence: A Prospective and Retrospective Study

INTRODUCTION: Wound dehiscence is among the most dreaded complications faced by surgeon and is of greatest concern because it leads to many other problems like increased morbidity and mortality ,prolonged  hospital stay ,economic burden on society The mortality rate following wound dehiscence ranges from 9%-43%. .there are many factors related to patient, related to disease, and also related to treatment like emergency surgery,  Intraabdominal infections, malnutrition, advance age,  systemic disease, ascites, diabetes, postoperative  coughing etc. METHOD and MATERIAL: These factors are studied in cases and there outcome are compared with control.thsi study was done in NSCB medical college Jabalpur from September 2018 to September 2020.100 cases and controls are takens and study is done Retrospective and prospective manner in those patients which are operated in institute. Details of patients are taken and compared with p value and chi square test applied and there results found. Samong all factors age, jaundice ,anaemia, hypoalbunemia, ascites, diabetes, postoperative coughing were found affecting wound dehiscence.