AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: To determine biochemical markers of intraaxial brain tumors using MR spectroscopy.To evaluate role of MR spectroscopy in diagnosing and grading of intraaxial brain with histopathological correlation.To evaluate role of MR spectroscopy in determining the infiltrative nature of the intra axial brain tumor. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 30 patients with intraaxial brain tumors referred to department of Radiodiagnosis were imaged with 1.5 Tesla MRI Scanner , Siemens magnetomavantoSyngo (MR D-13) 16 channel machine in the department of Radiodiagnosis.Its study of observation cross sectional study & a total of 30 patients fulfilling the selection criteria were studied. RESULTS: Out of 30 patients with intraaxial brain tumors 11 patients are diagnosed with GBM,2 with anaplastic astrocytoma,3 with diffuse infiltrative astrocytoma,2 with oligodendroma,2 with gliomatosis cerebri,2 with ependymoma,2 with mediulloblastoma,1 with metastasis,1 with choroid plexus papilloma and one with lymphoma. CONCLUSION: MR spectroscopy is a reliable method for glioma grading.It is useful in discrimination between WHO grade II and grade III ,IV astrocytomas as well as other intraaxial brain tumors.The spectroscopic MR measurements in the peritumoral region can be used to demonstrate differences in solitary metastases and high grade gliomas and also peritumoral infiltrative nature of certain intraaxial brain tumor.