Psychological and Behavioural Impact Of Flicks And Series On Adolescentsinan Urban Area Of India
Introduction: In India, there are about 253 million adolescents in the age group 10-19 years. Adolescence is the transient phase of life from childhood to adulthood. Being a unique stage of rapid physical, cognitive and psychosocial growth it is the right stage to implement good lifestyle for good health. But the prevalence of high blood pressure, obesity, high blood glucose and risk of future cardiovascular disease has increased among adolescents. Flicks/series set trends which they follow, some being negative may have an impact on their health. In this study we studied the influence of flicks and series on adolescents. Methodology: A Cross-sectional study was carried out among 150 students of 10thto 12thclass selected by simple random sampling by using pre designed semi structured questionnaire in 2 randomly selected public schools of Indore city. Data was entered into Microsoft excel spread sheet and analysed by SPSS software version 21. Results: All the study participants had the habit of watching flicks and series. 51.6% [n=77] of them prefer to watch romantic & action flicks/series. Nearly half of them [48.7%] follow language & dialogue shown in flicks/series while 31.3% follow dressing trend. The impact of flicks/series on driving speed and social behaviour was huge as 91 students [60.7%] drive at an higher speed after watching racing scenes in flicks/series, 95 students [63.3%] had tried alcohol or wanted to after watching alcohol related scenes in flicks/series 64.7% [n=91] think that alcohol is the coolest way of doing party. Conclusion: In our study we found the direct impact of alcohol/smoking on adolescents after watching flicks/series. They consider flicks/series as reflection of the happenings in the society. Though there are positives, the impact of negatives are higher in magnitude. Thus relishing such entertainment should be limited to possible minimum.