A Novel Approach in Interpretation of Blood Indices MCH and MCHC

Introduction: Anemia is one of the most pressing public health issue in India. It is not a disease but only a manifestation of underlying disease. Complete blood count is the blood test used to diagnose the prevalence of anemia. Mean corpuscular hemoglobin (MCH) and Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC) are derived parameters from Hemoglobin, RBC and Hematocrit, which reflects changes in erythrogram. Z Score is standardized Score, measures how many standard deviations a data point is from the mean in a distribution. Here we applied Z Score on MCH and MCHC and analyse the difference between Zmch and Zmchc in different types of Anemia.

Aim and Objective: Utility of Zmch, Zmchc and Z Score analysis in classification of Anemia.

Mathods and Materials: A total of 500 hemograms are studied. Basic statistically formulae using mean and standard deviation are applied to calculate Z Scores. Basically a difference between Zmch and Zmchc are compared in patients having different types of anemia.

Result: Z score is statistically significant in diagnosing Iron deficiency anemia, Megaloblasticanemia, Hemolyticanemia, Anemia of chronic disease and B thalasemia trait.

Conclusion: Hemogram is one of the first investigation ordered in all patients. Detailed analysis of blood indices – Zmch and Zmchc and their difference – Z Score help us to classify anemia and thereby we can directs further actions in patient management and treatment.