A Brief Study On Ginseng (Panax Ginseng)
Ginseng has been around since prehistory. Shennong, also known as Emperor Yan, the Yellow Emperor, or one of the "Three Emperors" (the Emperor who is supposed to have founded herbal medicine some 5,500 years ago), is said to have tasted hundreds of plants in order to discover many medicinal herbs in China. For thousands of years, humans have used diverse plants as nutrients, beverages, cosmetics, dyes, and medicines to maintain health and improve quality of life. Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer is regarded the most valuable plant among herbs, particularly in Asia, and ginseng has been in the spotlight globally. Even in the Western world, where modern research facilities and highly qualified man-power are accessible and are thought to be capable of curing any difficult-to-cure condition, many people have recently been reported to use herbal medicine, particularly ginseng. Many scientists contributed papers on "Chemopreventive effects of ginseng" to the current collection of papers. I categorised this collection as follows to help readers grasp it better and easier: The spiritual aspect of ginseng in the Far East, the history of ginseng, ginseng nomenclature and geographical distribution, and the various ginseng products.